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In loving memory of CEO,

Co-Founder of MindSky Entertainment

Teresa Holzbach

"A mind can be as restricted as the ground we walk or as limitless as the sky we gaze upon. It all depends on the limitation or the freedom of your heart. Let your mind be like the sky"                

                        -Teresa Holzbach

Development Team

Live show

Teresa Holzbach, Founder, CEO

Celina Adrian, Co-Founder

Gretchen Bonaduce, Executive Producer, Consultant (Television) 

Debra Rodman, Executive Producer/Project Executive (in association with Emerald Literary Agency, MUSE film and Art Wise)

Mike Moretti, Business/Creative Development

P Thomas, Producer (Film)

Mike Goldstein, Script Development Executive

Jennifer Altman, Director Content & Review (Film) 

Pete Shilaimon, (Associate/Consultant) LD Entertainment

Ryan Ansberry, USA Marketing, Brand Executive

Cristian Sturba, Renato Sebastiani, Music Directors, MindSky Music